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SECONDS Handpainted Enamel Teapot Borage Blue

SECONDS Handpainted Enamel Teapot Borage Blue

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50% off due to a cosmetic imperfection (pictured) in the enamel coating. This does not affect the function of the piece.

A classic white enamel teapot, handpainted with ditsy flowers.

Occasionally the unpainted enamelware can arrive with these chips in the coating.To avoid them going to waste, they are hand painted just the same as the rest but sold at a lower price.

17cm high

1.5 L capacity (pours 4 enamel mugs) 



All enamelware is painted by me in East Sussex. Wonderfully practical, enamelware is shatterproof so if dropped, it may chip but won't break! My designs are inspired by a mixture of nostalgic tableware, Eastern European folk art and a love of floral designs. As this has been painted, it is not suitable for oven use. For ultimate longevity, wash by hand with a non abrasive sponge. Do not soak.

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